Opéra de Paris: Don Giovanni

Opening 08 August 2019
Not yet rated, 220 mins

Starring Étienne Dupuis (Don Giovanni), Ain Anger (Il Commendatore), Jacquelyn Wagner (Donna Anna), Stanislas de Barbeyrac (Don Ottavio), Nicole Car (Donna Elvira), Philippe Sly (Leporello), Mikhail Timoshenko (Masetto),.

New Production! What is this flame that compels Don Giovanni (here, the talented Étienne Dupuis) to seduce, subjugate and conquer women one after the other, with the fervour and cold indifference of a predator securing his prey; to pursue through his conquests some obscure and ever-elusive objective?

For his second collaboration with Da Ponte, Mozart was to brand the history of opera with a hot iron and forever haunt European culture. In this story of a libertine punished, Kierkegaard invites us to hear “the whisperings of temptation, the whirlwind of seduction, the silence of the moment”.

In the wake of last season’s Boris Godunov, celebrated director Ivo van Hove, accustomed to examining the political meaning of works, presents his second production for the Paris Opera.

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