Paris Ballet: Cinderella

Opening 27 June 2019
Not yet rated, 170 mins

Starring Valentine Colasante (Cinderella), Karl Paquette (The star), Ludmila Pagliero, Dorothée Gilbert (The two sisters), Aurélien Houette (The mother), Alessio Carbone (The producer).

lCharles Perrault’s celebrated tale, set to music by Sergei Prokofiev, is transposed to a 1930s Hollywood in this colourful production.

In a series of references to the heroes of the American cinema, Rudolf Nureyev propels his Cinderella under the spotlights of La La Land. With a producer for fairy godmother and a star actor as Prince Charming, she escapes her miserable destiny and sees her dreams come true in a story not without similarities with that of the choreographer, the young Tatar who became an international star.

With this “ballet-metaphor”, the Paris Opera Ballet pays tribute to Nureyev its former director (1983-89), who remains wonderfully present in the Company and its works, more than two decades after his departure.

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